8-7-2020 - Struggling and Unmotivated

Bleugh... Was feeling pretty worn out today, but I felt I needed to do SOMETHING productive, so I'm writing this blog post here.
Things have been kind of stressful over the past few weeks. The COVID-19 situation is worsening, of course, and I feel like my home country is falling apart more and more every day. I've also still been struggling with college prep, trying to figure everything out and get my financial aid sorted (mostly in fear that I'll end up in serious debt), and I feel less and less ready for college as the days go by. So yeah, lots of scary stuff I'm dealing with.
I've also been feeling a serious lack of motivation, potentially due to all the above mentioned issues as well as my god-awful sleep schedule. Things have been confusing and stressful as of late, I can't focus on shit, and my current lack of a proper schedule or daily plan as of late has thrown my self-care habits completely out the window.
So yeah, don't expect much from me in the next few days aside from some more minor updates for The Forever Train and some other Roblox silliness. I'm just not in the mood for anything else at the moment.