2-8-20 - Site Update

I've been quite busy working on updates to this site. I've been making some finishing touches on the main page and navigation bar, as well as adding more buttons to the "links" page. I also started work on the game collection and miscellaneous pages, though they are still incredibly unfinished and probably won't be finished for a while, as not only have I been busy with the website, but also with school work, "adulting," chores, a very loose sleep schedule, and overall trying to figure out what the hell I'm even doing with my life. I still have my mind set on becoming a game developer, but as I continue pushing towards my future career, the path to my goal gets blurred more and more... Will I even be able to find my way?

Whoa, I almost got a little philosophical there. It is very off-topic to begin with, though.
So yeah, long story short, I've been working on improving things around here somewhat.

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