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Super Mario 64

Does anything even need to be said about this game? It revolutionized an entire genre of gaming and set the standard for 3D game design, in an age when most 3D games were still using tank-style controls and linear designs. And while some of its gameplay elements didn't really age well (this game WAS the first of its kind, after all), it's still a very fun game to play.

Verdict: Definitely give it a shot! (Also check out some of the fanmade romhacks, they're utterly ridiculous.)

Mario Party (1)

2 words: blistered palms. Yeah, and it was so bad it got Nintendo sued, requiring them to send everyone protective gloves...
Hand injuries aside, this series definitely started off on the right foot. Fun and frantic, and an easy way to lose friends and/or just p*** them off.

Verdict: Do try it, but watch those palms of yours...

Mario Kart 64

I'd say this probably kickstarted the Mario Kart series much better than Super Mario Kart on the SNES. The courses had actual variety and depth, the turning physics were tightened dramatically, and the computer players no longer get their own special items and instead pull from the same item pool as the player. However, I found the lack of unlockable content to be disappointing, and there's really no reason to use time trials for its intended purpose since (as far as I can tell) you need a controller pak to save your times, and those are hard to come across nowadays. The only really big draw for this game, from what I can tell, is the multiplayer, and I can get behind that since Mario Kart really is much more fun with a friend.

Verdict: Bring a friend or two, or maybe three.

Donkey Kong 64

Rare's last entry in the Donkey Kong franchise would have been among one of the great 3D platformers had the vast majority of the collectibles not been split among the 6 characters so that each kong could only pick up ones of their color. This makes the game rather tedious to play through, especially if your looking to 100% it. If you are a completionist, then I have a quick word of advice: DO NOT 100% THIS GAME. You WILL get burnt out.

Verdict:It has bad design, it has bad pace! This game was a mistake!

WipEout 64

This game is truly strange, based purely on the console it's on. WipEout 64 is the ONLY WipEout series game to ever come to a platform outside the PlayStation family. Fortunately though, it's surprisingly faithful to the original PS1 games, down to its tight controls and unforgiving nature, and long-time WipEout fans will probably enjoy it. I found the soundtrack kind of lacking, though.

Verdict: Play if you like WipEout!

Beetle Adventure Racing!

What even IS this game? No really, what is it and why does it exist? Why is there a game in which you can only race in a beetle against other beetles? AND WHY BEETLES!?

Verdict: BEETLES

Star Wars: Shadows of The Empire

This game is still in my backlog. Sorry!

Verdict: None

Star Wars Episode I: Racer

A very fun little racing game set in the Star Wars universe, based on the pod racing scene from The Phantom Menace. It's pretty difficult, though; you will probably crash a lot.

Verdict: If you're a Star Wars fan, play this.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

One of the better mainline THPS games, though the requirement of using a controller pak just to save your progress makes the game really tedious to play through if you're not just emulating it, since as far as I can tell, the watch batteries used to keep the data stored are dying. Still very fun if you're willing to forego the save feature or if you just emulate it. The latter is probably the better of the two ideas anyway.

Verdict: Just emulate it. Also prepare to bail a lot.

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